13 Cashmere Sweaters

When I was young and impressionable I came across the film Lord Love A Duck on the Sunday afternoon movie. I was transfixed by Tuesday Weld.   I learned from the film that you MUST to have 13 cashmere sweaters to matter in this world, well, at least in the context of the film.  I was also introduced to Roddy McDowall and fell madly in love for a lifetime. So at 9 years old I knew I had to have at least 13 of these amazing sweaters, I wanted to be as beautiful as Tuesday Weld and I was forever in love with Roddy McDowall.

Anyhoodle, with that bit of mad history I present a few examples of the beautiful vintage cashmere  we have available in the shop.

Please visit our shop soon and see if we have something you might obsessed over!



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