Red is a perfect color.  Red is a perfect wardrobe neutral, red is a color for every season and according to literature, red is the color of love.

Whatever the color of love, view it as a rainbow and show real love to the world this year.  Try random acts of kindness, and let’s all be the best examples of humanity possible. Walk that path in love and maybe, wear red.




13 Cashmere Sweaters

When I was young and impressionable I came across the film Lord Love A Duck on the Sunday afternoon movie. I was transfixed by Tuesday Weld.   I learned from the film that you MUST to have 13 cashmere sweaters to matter in this world, well, at least in the context of the film.  I was also introduced to Roddy McDowall and fell madly in love for a lifetime. So at 9 years old I knew I had to have at least 13 of these amazing sweaters, I wanted to be as beautiful as Tuesday Weld and I was forever in love with Roddy McDowall.

Anyhoodle, with that bit of mad history I present a few examples of the beautiful vintage cashmere  we have available in the shop.

Please visit our shop soon and see if we have something you might obsessed over!