Looking Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

As winter continues it’s relentless march, we look forward to spring and the smell of grass and daffodils. We dream of floaty dresses, bare shoulders and lemonade while browsing through the nail isle in Home Depot.

A beautiful rose tint is a good defence against the grey blanket of winter.  Either in eyewear or wardrobe, see the world in a lovely shade of rose, or wear something pink and be the rose tint in someone else’s eyes.





Red is a perfect color.  Red is a perfect wardrobe neutral, red is a color for every season and according to literature, red is the color of love.

Whatever the color of love, view it as a rainbow and show real love to the world this year.  Try random acts of kindness, and let’s all be the best examples of humanity possible. Walk that path in love and maybe, wear red.