Red is a perfect color.  Red is a perfect wardrobe neutral, red is a color for every season and according to literature, red is the color of love.

Whatever the color of love, view it as a rainbow and show real love to the world this year.  Try random acts of kindness, and let’s all be the best examples of humanity possible. Walk that path in love and maybe, wear red.




Kimono Over To My Place

Textiles have always fascinated me and I began collecting kimono’s, shawls, robes and quilts from the Goodwill bins, thrift stores, garage sales, and the occasional flea market. Many needed rescue or repair but I feel I owe it to the world to try and rescue, repair and re-use these items once consigned to oblivion.

All items now available in our shop, so please visit soon and visit often.


13 Cashmere Sweaters

When I was young and impressionable I came across the film Lord Love A Duck on the Sunday afternoon movie. I was transfixed by Tuesday Weld.   I learned from the film that you MUST to have 13 cashmere sweaters to matter in this world, well, at least in the context of the film.  I was also introduced to Roddy McDowall and fell madly in love for a lifetime. So at 9 years old I knew I had to have at least 13 of these amazing sweaters, I wanted to be as beautiful as Tuesday Weld and I was forever in love with Roddy McDowall.

Anyhoodle, with that bit of mad history I present a few examples of the beautiful vintage cashmere  we have available in the shop.

Please visit our shop soon and see if we have something you might obsessed over!


Fisherman Sweaters

A Fisherman sweater is an amazing basic that looks simultaneously fresh and classic, everyone should have at least one.  Here at Dear Wolf Vintage we will be adding a selection of Fisherman sweaters this Friday to our Big Cartel Shop, so please visit us and have a look around!

Worn with denim these charming sweaters look right at home , or pair a chunky cardigan  with a delicate dress.  Whatever the style you decide, your choice of sweater will keep you warm and smart looking!


Coats, Coats … Coats!

It’s getting colder and colder and we all need to be warm AND glamorous!   I would like to keep all the wonderful things we find but the world is filled with lovely things, and it’s nicer to share.  This preview of coats headed to our Big Cartel shop are three of my favorites.  I really love the black coat, I only wish I did’t look like an aging Swedish pop star in seclusion.  It might be the hair…is the hair too much?





Faux and Vintage Furs coming soon…

p12359880_ce_h9_aa“She doesn’t wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is GLAMOROUS!”

We’ll be adding more furs, both faux and real to the shop in the coming days.  We do not condone the fur industry, conversely we do not agree that an animal gave it’s life for a fur that will be thrown away and to that end we only sell VINTAGE furs and faux fur.

Please visit Dear Wolf Vintage soon and find something to love!Dear Wolf Vintage